We are very proud to introduce you to the forthcoming DeBose National Piano Competition.

This invitation to the Forty-Eighth Observance is an annual event open to emerging young artists, professionals, and supporters, historical site, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As Arts enthusiasts come together, DeBose Op. 48, 2022 will rekindle friendships and re-establish connections for young and old. In recognition of your dedication to excellence in Piano Performance, we strive to present talents generated by our original Mission.

This event is designed to benefit of aspiring young artists in piano solo and duet classical performance. Annual presentations are endorsed by acclaimed artists and dedicated area and local professionals. Online or In-Person programs will offer performances and presentations showcasing achievement and the uniqueness of cultural legacies. Recognitions of achievement and participation are open to all. Our programming avails matchless musicianship and educational experience.

The “universal language” is found in creative expression and is sponsored by the DeBose Foundation of Baton Rouge. Louisiana is known for its creative legacy and benchmarks of artistic achievement, an international trademark, offering a true multi-cultural experience. Please take some time to learn about us by visiting our program, history of artistic service, cultural outreach, evidencing the long tradition of creative discovery with DeBose & Louisiana.